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Hey there! I'm Razvan Burz

I help brands succeed using today's technologies and produce new media content.

There's a Podcast

I Host a Romania Podcast, Burzcast™ on Technology, Productiviy and Management.

I Run an Agency

I Run an International Creative & New Media Agency Alongside Some Other Businesses in the Technology Industry.
Learn Why I Do This

With today's growth and technology rapid evolution there's no company in the world that cannot improve in certain technological areas.

These improvements can lead to better services for their happy customers as well as financial growth for the companies.

Since I've worked in the technology industry for more than 14 years, I know a thing or two about what can be done and how.

I also gathered a stellar team around the businesses I run to come up with the best solutions for every particular case. Interested in future proofing your company's technology assets?

Learn Some Things About Me

My name is Razvan Burz. I am a father, husband, an entrepreneur, a technology and productivity consultant, maker and senior software engineer.

I do consulting for multiple companies in Romania, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada and the United States.

I help our clients succeed at business by providing a solid strategy for their technology needs.

Since I’ve started working in this area, more than 14 years ago, I’ve worked with companies from a myriad of vertical industries, such as medical/healthcare, automotive, real estate, governmental, energy, space, retail and many others, building tailored solutions for each and every one of them.

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What I Want to Accomplish

I have a vision that, in the future, there will be less friction between businesses and consumers. I would like to be able to consume all services and buy all products that legitimate businesses offer without having to wait to get the best from them.

This vision is complemented by what I love to be able to have from outside the business area, things like better healthcare and medical services, better teaching and learning strategies and all together better living.

What I do plugs into this vision by providing our customers with solutions that can improve their business operations, their technological capabilities, thus providing back better customer services and products.

My new media company is a tool that helps companies with their marketing efforts so that they can offer better products and better services. Thus, these companies can rise to become well-known brands that can, afterwards, provide goods and services for a better World and better living.

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Dar eu unde votez? Exemplu pentru utilizarea cloud-ului.

Anul trecut am achiziționat un apartament în Cluj-Napoca. Am învățat cu această ocazie o mulțime de chestii referitoare la ce înseamnă să achiziționezi așa ceva în Cluj-Napoca, unde oricum prețurile nu reflectă cu nimic mai mult decât lăcomia comercianților locali și ai celor implicați în tot lanțul acesta. Având în vedere că am modificat adresa în Municipiu, nu știm exact ...

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The Romanian Podcast

Once per week I host a Romanian Podcast, called #Burzcast™ where I invite technologists, managers, journalists, researchers, developers, productivity experts and many, many friends and really cool persons.

I chat with these guests and try to keep the sound and content quality as high as possible.

I'm doing the Burzcast™ Podcast for 5 years already and I really love every minute spent in the company of the great guests I have the honour to talk to.

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77: Numaram pana la unsprezece

Impreuna cu Paul Ardeleanu, am stat de vorba despre evenimentul Apple, de data aceasta cel din septembrie 2019, in cadrul caruia s-au lansat noile iPhone 11, impreuna cu varianta Pro, un nou iPad intr-un form-factor vechi si cateva servicii, precum Arcade si TV+. ... listen this episode

76: DevTalks 2019 la Cluj si Bucuresti

Am vorbit cu Andreea Tudorache despre DevTalks 2019. Vei afla ce se va prezenta anul acesta la Cluj-Napoca, in 16 mai si la Bucuresti in 6 si 7 iunie. La finalul episodului inveti cum sa castigi unul dintre cele 20 de bilete gratuite cu Burzcast si DevTalks. ... listen this episode

75: Echipamente, software si flux de podcast

Madalina, Adi, Andrada, Raluca si multi altii ne-au scris intreband, intr-un fel sau altul, despre echipamentele si soft-urile utilizate la Burzcast, costuri, flux si studio. Desi am realizat in trecut episoade similare, am considerat binevenit un raspuns nou, avand in vedere ca tocmai am modificat o parte din echipamente si ... listen this episode

My Brands / My Businesses


Some of the Things I Do

Software Development

I have a development background. During my 14 years in the industry I have written millions of lines of code for a myriad of software products running on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. I've built software and web applications for various vertical industries, such as: Consumer, Education, Engineering, Energy, Food and beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Online, Real estate, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Environment.

Public Speaking

I speak to whomever would listen. My native language is Romanian, but I can also give talks in English, should you need me to. I talk about development on cloud computing, Microsoft technologies, LAMP technologies (really love the power WordPress brings to the web development community), podcasting, blogging, vlogging (or general new media stuff) and business strategies. I gave public talks about the security of the Internet of Things and private talks on why companies can use WordPress for building their corporate website.

Business Strategy

I'm a business first and for more than 10 years I run multiple successfully businesses, with yearly constant growth. I can help your small to medium company with specific technology consultancy services. I can help your company use technology (software products, hardware products, smart devices, online services) the way it's meant to be used to "futureproof" your operations and improve your productivity.

New Media

Since 2014 I produce and host a Romanian audio podcast. Since last year I've been involved with vlogging and video production and I'm writing blog posts and articles online for more than 10 years. Many of my blog posts are in Romania, over on the Burzcast™ website (the new media agency I run). Should you need consultancy on how to grow your audience, make your brand be heard online or just share your knowledge, let me know.

Total Privacy

Whether you decide to hire me, one of my companies or just sign a contract on outsourcing services, my companies and I offer you complete confidentiality, without providing any information about your products, inside information or anything related to the development processes involved. I may ask to endorse the development services when and if the product can be made public.

Product Development Methodologies

I am a developer at core and for over 14 years I constantly improved my project management skills, by constantly studying, analysing and measuring the results. There's a saying: "fast, cheap and high-quality software products. Pick two!". I know how to provide good quality code, fast! As within my companies, I always use Scrum/Agile development methodologies and have regular reporting and meetings with the client to ensure high-quality products and services.

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Call me at +40 (364) 086-083 or drop me a line. See how I may help you.

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Technologies I Use & Trust


Since I've started in the tech industry, more than 14 years ago, I've worked, built and consulted clients mainly on the following technologies:


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